Host a Fundraiser

Help RMHC families with your time, talent, and treasures.


For a sick child, sometimes the best medicine of all is having their family nearby while they are being treated at the hospital for more kisses, bedtime stories & ‘I love you’s.’ RMHC helps keep families close to their children to do just that. But we can’t do it alone! Those in our community can make a difference for the families and children at RMHC by hosting a fundraiser. From car shows, percentage of sales, sporting tournaments, and everything in between, third-party fundraisers allow you to do what you love to do and raise funds for RMHC at the same time!

Fun Fundraising Ideas

  • Charge a small fee for a casual Friday in your office, with the fees being donated to RMHC
  • Host a virtual game night and charge a team fee.
  • Local businesses can also show support by donating a portion of proceeds from a sale or event to RMHC or set out RMHC branded collection boxes next to registers.
  • Host a sporting contest or tournament where some or all of your entry fee goes to RMHC

Download our third-party fundraising form to learn more about how your hobbies and skills can help families remain close to their hospitalized children. Questions and completed forms can be emailed to